Datagraph-med® Packages, License Agreement and Pricing


The following order options are available:


Datagraph-med version 5.70 Single Clinic License. Up to 4 activation codes for 4 different PC's within the same clinic are provided. Including free updates for 12 months.


1850,- €*


Datagraph-med version 5.70 Multicenter License. License package for multicenter vision care providers or hosptials where more than 4 PC's are to be used. Up to 10 activation codes for different PC's are provided. Including free updates for 12 month.


2500,- €*

Datagraph-med version 5.70 Update extension. Update to the current version and get new versions for another 12 month. For customers who purchased thier license more than 12 month ago.


950,- €*
Datagraph-med Upgrade Single clinic License to Multicenter License650,- €*

One time fee plus 19% VAT for countries within EU


The registered version of Datagraph allows is not limited in terms of number of cases or time of use. There is no per-eye fee or extra cost for the analysis.

After trying the demo version, simply ask for your personal license number via e-mail: info@datagraph-med.de or fax: +49 9129 9089131. Credit cards (MC, Visa, AMEX) are accepted. Please do not send credit card information via e-mail - use our fax number for confidential information!


To download the editable fax order form click here:fax order form


To download the license agreement as pdf click here: License Agreement