Datagraph-med® is a relational database for cataract and refractive data analysis, developed under Microsoft Access®. It allows personal data analysis as well as data collection of clinics and laser centers. Data can be entered in tables or in user-friendly data entry forms, which are optimized for different refractive procedures such as LASIK, PRK, LTK, IOL and other refractive surgery procedures. Various drop down fields and auto-fill-in functions speed up data entry. Plausibility checks reduce typing errors.


In order to avoid double data entry, Datagraph-med® imports the data file of certain refractive excimer lasers, topographers and aberrometers. It is also possible to import data from Excel spreadsheets.


Datagraph-med can be linked to certain front office software to import patient and follow-up data.


File import is tested with:

FIDUS; Medistar; ifa; SOFTALMO (C/S) and OPTISOFT (C/S) Omegasoft 



Another unique feature of Datagraph-med® is the instantaneous generation of a high number of graphs and tables, which can be directly used in PowerPoint® or any other MS Office® application.


Datagraph-med® is developed by experienced application specialists in cooperation with leading journal editors, setting a gold standard for presentations and publications. Our aim is to make it easier to compare results of refractive procedures.


Datagraph-med can help you to verify existing nomograms and to generate new nomograms based on your on clinical data. Our goal is to provide you the perfect tool for constant quality control, helping you to improve the predictability of your refractive procedures!